Variety Tournament

The Variety Tournament is an opportunity to test your skill with a wide range of weapons in a flexible format, meet people and fence with them using weapons of your choice. The tournament winner is decided based on ranking system similar to chess.

Competitors will be given a fixed number of challenges they can make. You and your opponent agree on what style of fencing and with what weapons, and if you can’t agree the sticklers will decide for you.

The default is any matched weapons from the following list: two handed swords (longsword, katana, longer feder) , single swords (rapier, small sword, sidesword, arming sword, back/broad sword, sabre, messer) and companions (buckler, dagger, cloak)

Other weapons are at the discretion of the sticklers and your opponent but could include: poleaxe, sword in harness, spear, dagger, wrestling, duelling shields, mismatched weapons.

Point scoring rules and optional aspects of the ruleset TBA.
Registration details TBA

10 am 26th of March 2017

$25 per person
Spectators free.

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