Open Day

Swordfighting Class

Ever wanted to try historical martial arts, but weren’t sure which kind you were interested in, or even what kinds are out there? We’re here to help! On November 19th, a variety of classes will be delivered by by all the schools who train at the Melbourne Salle.

This is a great opportunity to try a class on any of the systems taght at the Salle including: broadsword, longsword, rapier, messer, greatsword, sword & shield, dagger, spear, and more.

Come, have a look, grab something from the BBQ for lunch, and even participate in a class (or five!) and see what we’re all about.

One class – $5
All classes – $10

10 am Messer club
11:15 Fitzroy College of Arms
12:30 lunch
1:30   School of Historical Fencing
2:45   small classes by interest.
4 pm finish

Places are limited, so registrations for classes are required.
Please register here:

Payment can be made in cash on the day, or by PayPal / bank transfer beforehand.

We’re still working on the exact timetable – we’ll let you know!

The clubs currently offering regular classes at the Melbourne Salle are:
Fitzroy College of Arms:
The School of Historical Fencing:
Melbourne Messer Club:

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